A true lover of Christ and a testimony of His divine grace and manifestation in our generation. Kehinde Abolarin is a man who has had several encounters with God. He’s a dedicated end-time soldier who gets first-hand instructions and inspiration from God. Since 2011, his Holy Spirit-inspired messages, articles, motivational videos, inspirational quotes and daily devotionals have touched lives globally with instant proofs and testimonies.

“By divine conviction, he believes that God has sent him to showcase the manifestation of His power in this present time through messages of hope and encouragement to the hopeless, the neglected and the brokenhearted. Hence, the ministry is centred on genuine salvation, healing, deliverance, prophecies and more importantly, maintaining a healthy prayer and christian life.”

Our contact: +447442419651

e-mail: thefoodofchampions@gmail.com

About me: https://about.me/kenny_daine

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KehindeDAbolarin


2 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. Sure we are a people with potential, yet mostly it’s not put to use. May God guide us to realize the potential inherent in us and to utilize it to His Glory….Amen


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