Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through him who strengthens me. 

A farmer got a lucrative cocoa contract which led him to buy a new cutlass to work. He was so motivated that on the first day he culled over 5,000 cocoas which was double the daily target. The management got so impressed that they gave him a bonus. Hence, he was spirited and worked harder the next day, but he only did 3,000. The third day, he worked even more and all he could extract were 1,000 cocoas. Subsequently, the figures dropped day-by-day. “I don’t seem to understand the issue. I think I’m losing strength” said the farmer who also apologised. But, the director asked in response, “When last did you sharpen your cutlass? “Sharpen? I had no time for that. I have just been too busy trying to meet my targets…” said the farmer.

Beloved, have you thought lately about improving your skills for more efficiency at work, colleges, business or ministry? (2 Timothy 1:6; 2:15). When last did you spend quality moments communing with your creator and family? (Genesis 2:24). Hmm… You were busy on less valuable things! Dear pastor and minister, when was the last time you went on personal spiritual retreat? (Jeremiah 31:25). Oh! Even as a church, we need to refine our evangelistic tactics. Because, many at times we focus on our physical abilities such as Peter who was an experience fisherman but couldn’t catch a single fish until he went spiritual (Luke 5:1-11).

Therefore, you want to pray for profitable upgrade in every area of your life because we can do all things through Christ. Moreover, God has deposited in everyman all he needs to succeed. But, you need to surrender all to Jesus so that He can orchestrate your destiny!


  1. Father, I don’t want to be a basket used in fetching water. Please, help me identify my weakness. Hence, give me means to upgrade myself spiritually, mentally and career wise.


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